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Why Aussie Farmers Direct?

Aussie Farmers Direct is a free home delivery service providing fresh products that are 100% Australian owned and produced. Our goal is to help the Australian farmer win the battle against the large multinationals by delivering a broad range of products direct to the consumer. Another major benefit is that, by supporting Australian products, you are supporting the Australian economy, creating jobs and securing a postive future for our children. However, we need your assistance in supporting us and making these visions become a reality. By cutting out the middle man, products are delivered faster, fresher and straight to the customer's door each morning with no delivery charges when minimum order quantities are met.

100% Australian

Supporting products that are 100% Australian is important because in the long run it strengthens our economy and it makes sure that we are supporting our Australian farmers instead of overseas companies.


Have fresh products delivered direct to your door by 7am, just in time for breakfast (fruit and vegetable deliveries occur in the afternoon).


Aussie Farmers Direct makes it easier to save money. How often have you gone to the supermarket for milk and bread only and walked away with $40 or $50 of groceries that you didn't really want? Less trips to the supermarket mean more dollars in your pocket!


Our produce is as fresh as it gets! We have closed the gap between our customers and the farm gate. Our products are not sitting around on display shelves!

Our range of fresh goods include MILK, BREAD, EGGS, BACON, CHEESE, PASTA, COFFEE, JUICE, WATER, FRUIT AND VEGETABLES AND MEATS. Deliveries are made directly to your door three times a week ensuring you always enjoy fresh products. Prices are very competitive and the quality of our produce is unsurpassed. See Products page.

Get behind Aussie Farmers Direct and experience the VALUE, FRESHNESS and CONVENIENCE of home deliveries today and help the Australian Owned fightback.



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